Priyanka is a Psychologist and an NLP Trainer. In a short span of time, she completed her NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer level and was credited as one of the youngest NLP trainers in India. She is a model of excellence for young students, full of energy, and has big dreams. She is an ideal example who demonstrates that with willpower and focus, anything is possible, and it is easy to ‘go for your dreams’.

Since young, Priyanka has always had the notion that we are more than what we think we are and so she has pursued all her life to get excellence within herself and strives to do the same with her fellow participants and people around her. A strong believer of enriching people’s life with motivational life skills and enabling them to reach beyond, Priyanka is equipped with the best of the best skills to guide her participants to reach beyond themselves to excellence.

Through her workshops which cater to a wide range of people from school going students to great corporate officials, Priyanka facilitates people to handle their life in a powerful, effective manner; especially the young community which has to take a giant leap as tomorrow’s leaders, captains and moral human beings.

She believes that equipping people with greater clarity and bigger goals set ahead, they cannot resist but reach beyond. She has also joined hands with many prestigious organisations to come up with seminars, lectures and workshops.


Certified NLP Trainer (NLP Coaching Academy and IAPCCT)

NLP Business Master Practitioner (NLP Coaching Academy – IAPCCT)

Group Peak Performance Coach (NLP Coaching Academy – Accredited by IAPCCT)

Certified Professional Leadership & Life Coach (NLP Coaching Academy – IAPCCT)

Certificate in provocative Coaching (NLP Coaching Academy    – Accredited by IAPCCT)

Advanced Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP coaching from Business NLP Ltd, UK.

Diploma in Charismatic Presenter from Business NLP Ltd, UK.

Diploma in Sales Mastery from Business NLP Ltd, UK.

Her key interest / Expertise: Psychological well-being, enriching lives of people, enabling them with clarity, confidence and communication skills, Creating empowering beliefs and allow people to emerge as successful and remarkable individuals.