Upon completion of our two day or three-day workshop of NLP/ advanced course, participants will be given an accredited certificate denoting their completion of the course. The certificate is accredited by the IAPCCT.

The IAPCCT is one of the leading global support networks for all NLP Professionals, Coaches, Counsellors, and Therapists. The IAPCCT supports and advances the fields of NLP, Coaching, Personal Development and Holistic Therapy through programs and standards supported by its members and poses as an authoritative source on coaching information and research for the public.

Once you gain a certificate from us with is accredited by the IAPCCT, you are directly registered onto the website as a bronze member.  Once a member of their site, you will get access to a multitude of new and better opportunities. Members of the site can participate in forums, discussions and also take part in real- life meetups. Members also automatically avail new and advance up-to-date learning materials and techniques and thereby continue their journey of learning towards self-excellence.

Also, as an added bonus, based on the kind of participations one indulges in with our workshop, participants are also eligible to avail special discounts when they choose to work in higher and advanced programs with us.