I had long since wanted to write an article of goals, so when I had a quiet afternoon all to myself, I indulged in writing.  Despite the timely distractions at home I managed to focus on my work. I was so involved in the work that the sudden visit of my Aunt and her kids startled me. Their loud entrance shook me and we were all suddenly washed with the feeling of surprise and delight. Soon after the causal banter and the hugs, my aunt began to treat her kids to sweets. She had an array of sweets in her hands, seeing which the kids gathered around her and when she asked “Which one do you prefer?” to the kids, they replied “the bigger one”.

Observing children with sweets in their hands is possibly an amusing sight to see. The sweets for a fraction of a time represent them surmounting the world. The level of satisfaction, happiness and pride knows know bound in a child and her sweet. The pure indulgence would leave any spectator jealous. And I too had fallen into the trap. I asked my aunt for a sweet and unknowingly I too, much like the children before had uttered the phrase “The bigger one”.

Immediately a sense of shame and guilt over ran me and I found myself taking the sweet and heading to the terrace. Once alone, the child-like innocence returned to me once again and that was when I had realized it. Then I ran with it to the terrace to settle down with my chocolate. There was lot of silence surrounded and I began to enjoy my world peacefully . And as I opened the wrapper of the candy, the color of the candy was so conspicuous. I couldn’t resist but have a bite. As the chocolate melted into a sweet nothings and suddenly a thought struck me.

Despite there being a lot of other sweets “Why did the children ask for the bigger one and so did I?” and that connected to my topic and gave me a structure to write about having “Bigger Goals”. I immediately began to write.

Now let’s connect the sweets with the goal. Nobody in the world would say no to sweets. Similarly everybody in would do anything to hold on to their dreams and goals. Just like the varieties of sweet, there are a variety of goals. But when all of one person’s dreams are put next to one another, much like the sweets, the bigger dream will get the greater attention. Because Bigger Candy = Bigger Happiness.

Now just take a moment and think about the type of goal you have. No matter what the goal is, when it is attained it leads to greater amount of happiness.



Bigger Goals = Bigger Happiness, also

Bigger Goals = Bigger Achievement.

When goals set are of higher standard then whatever we reap is going to be of higher standards. As I was writing this, I noticed ants that were carrying the small bits of sweets that had fallen down.Though the bits may seem insignificant to us, it may be atleast 5 times heavy for the ant.

If frail ants can carry weights that are ten times heavier than they are, then we as human beings can also carry with us bigger goals, bigger than what we are capable of. And the sense of achievement that we shall have with that is going to be even bigger than you imagined. Then why wait?set your goals high to fly beyond them.

And as you are reading this, your subconscious mind might have already started making necessary changes to make your goals big, making higher desire to achieve your high standard goals, it has already started to gear up towards the destination. And as the process is happening in you, bring in the picture of your goal and see all that you can see. Make the picture of your goal more clear, specific, bigger. Bring in HD quality to your picture and see yourself doing everything that takes you to reach your goal. Hear everything that you can hear as you are watching the image or the movie about the goals that are running in your mind. Feel absolutely confident, happy and proud for having taking bigger steps for a giant leap to reach your bigger goals set. Tell to yourself that you have all the resources that are needed to achieve your goals. You have the powerful and the sophisticated device in the world and that is unique- your mind. What else do we need?. Simply believe that you can do it. And as you keep doing it you are unleashing the potential in you. And as you are discovering the potentials in you, you have also started discovering various mindful and powerful strategies required to achieve your goals. Now that you are ready, whyresist but “Reach Beyond your Goals set” .

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