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An integrative and holistic counseling process is not just a professional relationship between a trained counselor and client, but a secure place for every individual to open up and explore their inner self without having to worry about being judged. A qualified counseling psychologist will support in every step of the way and with empathy. Thus, helping you to learn, cope, heal and handle your past with a new resourcefulness state of mind.

  • Online Counselling
  • Face-to-Face Counselling
  • Tele-Counselling

Face-to-face counselling and therapy sessions have certain advantages. 

However, we design our online counselling sessions to be productive and effective too. We use appropriate apps and tools to enhance your counselling session. So, why let the distance stop you from getting support, while we’ve got the challenges covered for you.

  1. Stress, Anxiety and Depression Counselling
  2. Trauma and Abuse Counselling
  3. Grief Counselling
  4. Children and Adolescent Counselling
  5. Parenting and Bonding Guidance
  6. Marriage and Couple Counselling
  7. Holistic Emotional and Wellness Counselling
  8. Divorce Counselling
  9. Relationship Counselling
  10. Family Counselling
  11. School Counselling
  12. Career and Guidance Counselling
  13. Corporate Counselling
  14. Mental Health Counselling
  15. Suicide Prevention Counselling

Every session helps you in unique ways depending on the area of challenge you face and the goals you set for yourself with your counselor. It makes you resourceful and helps you to create peace and joy every day of your life. It does not matter how big a hole you have dug for yourself personally or in your relationship, you will still find a way out. You grow yourself into taking loving care of yourself, share your love with others, and feel empowered to take full responsibility for all your own feelings and behavior.

  • Heal from trauma
  • Grow consciously and become aware
  • Heal, forgive and evolve from what holds you back in your life
  • Release anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts.
  • Grow beyond past limiting self
  • Free yourself from grief with emotional maturity
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
  • Establish new purposeful meaning to your life
  • Release and regulate anger and catharsis in a healthy manner
  • Not just survive, but live your life
  • Feel empowered
  • Feel confident, motivated and energetic
  • Achieve Enhanced Clarity
  • Create Positive Self-image
  • Build Distinct Self-Identity
  • Control over your life
  • Resourceful Habits
  • Empowering Belief Systems
  • Create Happy and Successful Relationship
  • Better Decision Making Skill
  • Become creative and solve problems resourcefully

Prevent yourself from being stuck into the drama of others

  • Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy
  • Roger’s person-centered Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Choice/Reality Therapy
  • Emotional Focussed Marital Therapy
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Inner Bonding therapy
  • Holistic Healing
  • Mind-Body Trauma Release
  • Expressive Art and Play therapy
  • Healing Inner Child Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Humanistic Approach
  • Dance Movement Therapy and many more

Counseling sessions will be provided by certified and trained professionals called the Counselling Psychologist. They hold specialized degrees in counseling psychology, family/couple/marital counseling, child and adolescent counseling, and other important areas.


  • The counselor does not prescribe medications/drugs
  • They don’t provide solutions or advice

No, the counselor is not supposed to give you any advice or solutions to your problems/challenges. Instead, the counselor will facilitate you to take charge of your situation and enable you to make your own decisions for your life. The counselor will support you throughout the process, by helping you learn different possibilities, validate the options, analyze your outcome and train you emotionally and mentally to make your choice.

Remember, it is your life and only you have the right to make choices/decisions.

Own Your Life With Your Freedom To Choose

Yes, it will. Whatever you share and discuss with your counselor will be kept confidential. It is our duty to respect your privacy and we will. Your counsellor and you will enter into a counseling agreement that also contains your rights as a client, which you can enforce if there’s any breach of confidentiality in the absence of legitimate reasons.

Exception: Confidentiality privilege between the client and counselor will not extend in cases such as

  • If the client is in a position to cause self-harm to themselves or others.
  • If the client has thoughts of suicide or killing or harming self/others during the course of the session and if it requires their family/relative/guardian support.

A counselling session can range from a minimum of minimum 45 minutes to maximum of 1 Hour 30 Minutes. We value your effort and time. You can choose the time slot that best works for you.  I.e., you can either choose a 45 minutes session or 1 hour 3o minute’s session.  In case, you wish to exceed the session’s timing, you can enquire with your counsellor and schedule. Provided, it will be accommodated as per our schedule. An extra fee will be charged based on it. Or in scenarios where your current session’s timing has exceeded, you will be informed about it and decide whether to proceed further or stop there. Extra charges apply only as per norms. Read the terms and conditions while you register for the session.

We value you, your time and effort. And we apply the same to all our clients. Sticking to the time schedule helps our work in a disciplined structure, thus escaping from making the following clients wait. The structure enables us to work with our clients and deliver the experience we assured them. So, thank you for understanding us with this.

It purely depends on the client. Some clients will need 4-6 sessions and some will need about 7-10 sessions. Usually, a minimum of 4 sessions will be ideal, because it helps us take pace in learning and working with client’s challenges. Once the client has gained some confidence and clarity, follow-up sessions on a monthly scale will be required. Only to the extent it is required

Thus, motivating and allowing them to face their real world with resourcefulness consistently, until they feel it’s time to take on by themselves.

It is enough and possible, provided the client is highly motivated to change and already into the change work. It’s purely subjective and we are not judging.  But it is also true that the belief that one session is enough for all your challenges can sometimes not work. Most clients have challenges at deeper levels and their readiness to change is not impressive. They keep contemplating instead of practicing. Intention alone does not bring results, but it is a key force. Layers of work shall deepen the exploration and fetch positively impacting results in your lives. So, it is going to take a few or more series of sessions depending on what you’ve gone through, its intensity and your willingness to evolve.

Your counselor will be all ready to receive you. You can relax and walk into the counselor’s office/ your counselling session. Discuss with your counselor the challenges you are facing or the goals you are working on. The counselor will patiently client to you. For the record and to understand your needs, your counselor will ask your personal details, the reason for approaching, your goals/challenges, and your expectation out the sessions. Then, you and your clients will start working and the counselor might use appropriate counseling intervention/methodology to support your progress. You can always ask your counselor to discuss the methods and clarify your doubts. And yes, you can trust your counselor’s style of working too. 

If you are taking an online counselling session, login 5 minutes before your actual session and just breathe. Your counselor will connect with you, learn about you, and support you in the best possible ways.

If it is a Tele-counselling session, your counselor will call you and take it from there. 

No one can be forced. It applies to you and your partner too. However, you can speak and discuss how these sessions can support you both.  Otherwise, you can always work on yourself so that you become resourceful to handle your challenging situations or relationship.

If you have any previous records of going to a counselor or mental health professionals, kindly bring those reports with you. It will help us to learn about you and be more useful.

Apart from that, you can carry a notebook and for yourself. (Not mandatory, but helps.)

Through consecutive follow-up sessions, our blogs, free videos, and free tools available, it should be quite sufficient to back you up. And you can leave a mail to your counselor and update your progress.

We also conduct workshops, webinars, and several events throughout the year. You can become a coach by enrolling in certification programs. You can choose the event/program that can further support you.

Healing community Webinars are sought out monthly membership program, Holds several benefits, and are affordable.

  • Cost: Rupees 2,500/- per month.
  • Benefits:

Exciting Morning Webinars with Q&A – Sunday at 5 AM – 6 AM (4 Exclusive Sessions A Month)

Free daily Texts

1 Blog Every Week

With a supportive community who are willing to lead their inner work to hope, love, prosperity, resilience, strength, joy, and awesomeness.

General Terms

  • Kindly check our calendar and schedule your session.
  • Pay prior to the session.
  • After payment has been done, kindly let us know.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent with further details.
  • We entertain clients only with prior appointments.

Payment Policy

  • The client has to pay prior to the session.
  • Only the additional charges incurred during the session can be paid after the session.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation any time after won’t be accepted once scheduled.



Dealing with fear, anger, shame, guilt, loneliness trauma, depression, anxiety, addictive behavior, disruptive marriage relationship, stressful career or with parenting challenges?

Work with qualified psychologist in a protective environment with an integrative and holistic counselling approach.