about us and our passion


Reach Beyond is a Learning and Development organisation that strives to bring out the best in people by creating winged opportunities for all our participants. Through training, coaching, counseling, and facilitation, we enable the participants to experience and practice the skills required for their professional careers, personal growth, holistic development, and achievement in their endeavors. All our workshops and programs are meticulously designed with the right mix of cutting-edge brain science, remarkable studies in psychology, behavioral science, and based on the principle of natural learning.

We are happily stepping into our fifth year of spreading happiness and magic everywhere. Thank you for the trust and hope you had in us and that is the reason why we are here. We would love to receive the same support through our journey and we wish to find the energy to create more happy minds and healthy hearts.  

Our mission

Our Mission is to create a positive impact in the lives of 100 Million People by 2030. Guide, support, and travel along with them in their journey of self-transformation, be it in their personal life or professional life. In Reach Beyond, we believe “We are more than what we think we are.” We allow you to see past your mental limitations and unhealthy belief systems. Each one of you deserves to be happier, more successful, more joyful, full of health, wealth, and encouraging relationships. And we are on a mission to help you achieve it all and design the life you truly deserve for yourself. 

Let’s grow and we are forever happy to uplift your life and your smile.

Our values

1. Integrity, Loyalty and Compassion 

2. Stay Passionate and Curious

3. Create and Deliver More Value

4. To Trust and Create Trust In Others 

5. Provide Love and Comfort 

6. Build Deeper Connections 

7. Be a contributor of Love, Happiness and Joy

8. Support and Encourage People To Create Successful Life

9. Positively Impact, Inspire and Transform

10. Believe “We are more than what we think we are.”

Our team

Our team of facilitators have compassionately ignited many minds to change their grey areas into excellence. The genius touch of our professionally certified Trainers, Coaches, and Psychologists give an incomparable result that gratifies what you aimed for and also triggers you to blossom into an individual, who starts spreading the joy of making happy mankind.

Our founder
Priyanka - Founder, Reach Beyond

Priyanka B

Founder - Reach Beyond
Training & Development Organisation
Psychologist, NLP Trainer, Leadership and Accelerated Learning Coach

She is a model of excellence for young students, who demonstrates that with willpower and focus, it is easy to go for your dreams.In a short span of time, she completed various levels of trainings, certification programs and was credited as one of the youngest NLP Trainers in India.

Through her workshops which cater to a wide range of people from school going students to great corporate officials, Priyanka facilitates people to handle their life in a powerful, effective manner; especially the young community which has to take a giant leap as tomorrow’s leaders, captains and moral human beings.

She believes that equipping people with greater clarity and bigger goals set ahead, they cannot resist but reach beyond. She has also joined hands with many prestigious organisations to come up with seminars, lectures and workshops.