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Do You Know Our Brains Are Hardwired To Stories?

Storytelling is an art and we as human beings have relied upon it for ages. Since we were young, our brain started to develop and our ability to think got better, we learnt to understand culture, values, skills, knowledge, by way of listening to stories that were told to us and it played a huge role. Do you recollect that time in your life where you sit next to your patti and thatha being completely excited to listen to their version of stories or your mom or dad would have picked a storybook for you and sat right next to you narrating a story from that book, during your bedtime? Those days are golden, isn’t. But here’s the interesting fact of all. 

Storytelling did not stop there, and it’s still staying with you and it’s part of your life because we all still listen to stories and we even narrate so many as well. Oh yeah! You heard it right. Sales, negotiation and marketing are a form of storytelling, you visit a shop and what the shop owner says to you about the product is storytelling, the way appa and amma advise something is storytelling and how you give excuses and escape the punishments from your teachers or parents is again a form of storytelling. Every time you communicate, you are doing STORYTELLING. Now, how well you communicate, what kind of a story do you share, which character you play in the story are all an outcome of your interaction with your world and the stories you hear. Remember that a story does not always be something made-up, because many are true as well. So, next time you share yours or listen to others, remember that stories/language has an impact on our brain and life. Let’s see how.



Let's get to the lesson

  • Stories open up a whole new world to us, as they help us to build more neural connections in our brains.
  • Especially among children, as a result of storytelling, there are many psychological developments, educational benefits, like imagination that gets enhanced to support visualizing spoken words, good vocabulary, and better communication skills. 
  • Stories which are driven with characters shall cause more release of this chemical called Oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin is responsible for developing a sense of understanding that says “it’s safe to approach a person or this person can be trusted”. We are social animals and we are co-dependent on each other, just for us to appreciate the relationship, be kind to each other and approach people, our brain needs to trigger this behaviour, by way of releasing this oxytocin chemical.  

Benefits of story telling.

The magic that we experience are listed below:

  1. It improves our listening skills.
  2. Brings up the excitement and interest to learn concepts at a deeper level.
  3. Helps us to build our language and vocabulary
  4. We learn how to express and articulate our thoughts and feelings more expressively. 
  5. Improves our ability to understand concepts in various dimensions.
  6. Inspires us to builds our character and qualities because we travel with the heroes in the stories we heard. 
  7. Helps us overcome loneliness
  8. Aids us in becoming a skilful orator.
  9. Opens us a world full of possibilities to express our thoughts in writings
  10. Builds our memory. 
  11. Kindles our imagination and ability to visualise. 
  12. It encourages our creativity.
  13. Helps us to get in touch with our feelings and emotions.
  14. It helps us to experience joy, fear, sadness, happiness, sorrow, victory, heroism, control, villain, love, compassion, magic, adventure, and so much.
  15. Helps us to learn about our culture, values, and beliefs. 
  16. Helps us consciously and unconsciously build our life skills.

Better than any visual

Overall, it builds curiosity and excitement in our life. When the end of the story is unknown, we cannot help, but urge ourselves to seek it ourselves.


Priyanka B, Counselling Psychologist, Accelerated Learning Coach and Founder, Reach Beyond Learning and Development Organisation. 

“I’ve always been interested in language development and behavioural science, and thus, the art of storytelling has been such a fascinating concept to me. So, here’s a simple article for you to learn and share some benefit along with me. May you start creating an inspiring story of yours too.”