With 1. Whom? 2. What 3. Why?

We feel like cutting cords and running away from some people, few emotions, certain situations because it takes a toll on ourselves, our lives, our peace, and our happiness. What once felt good, seems strenuous or stressful doing no good to us now. It feels as though it’s turned unhealthy for toxic to our lives and we thus push ourselves to an extent where we break up or break out ourselves from them, ending up with a sense of freedom. Or it could also be a way of escapism.

It could have been your job, your personal relationship or some other things. Just ask yourself one thing “Was it okay to do so?” Because sometime if situations don’t turn up well, we would want to just leave the page and move on with another chapter. At times it’s good, at times it’s just a way of escaping yourself. Now ask yourself whether you broke up with whatever bothered you because it was mandatory or just because you just cannot continue to be in that uncomfortable zone and prove your strength. If the break up was healthy then congratulations on saving yourself, but if something deep in you says it was the sake of escaping then you have a chance of lingering, sustain, prove your strength. Break up is good, only if necessary.