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How it all started?

Magic Hands is the brainstorm of many minds put together and these minds believe that when children are let free, they perform par excellence. In the world of perpetual competition, children do not get to let their minds wander. Hence Magic Hands strives to de-stress and help the kids to tune in to their inner self. We try to believe that every footprint we set, leads to the building of new lives with better human connections.

We take immense proud in setting up an inclusive environment where the special kids along with the other kids will get to participate together, build friendship, play and create best moments.

We believe that learning with fun can awaken the spirit in children and also build their character.

What makes us Special?

For Whom?

Reach Beyond - Magic Hands

In small hopes of opening the magical world, the focus is on children with differential needs (ages ranging from 7 to 15). As fun shouldn’t be limited and tailored to the confined idea of society.


Reach Beyond - Magic Hands

Because we believe that making small changes which include more accessibility to opening our minds to helping them, we can assure that every person shines their light onto the world.

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