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Combined Certification program with

personal Training & mentorship

master professional excellence







Individual, School, Family, and Corporate Counseling Approaches & Therapy - provided by Reach Beyond Training and Development Organisation – MSME Registered

Advanced Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Coaching & Training - Accredited by International Association for Professionals Coaches Counsellors and Therapists 

Psychologists, Trainers, therapists, Psychology Students, and anyone who’s interested in learning the nuances of mental well-being, human potential, and personal excellence. 

If you are aspiring to grow into a renowned Psychologist /Trainer / Therapist / Coach

Raise your horizon about mental health and wellbeing by understanding the practices across the world, including the indigenous concepts

Learn about the nuances of each client, suit efficiently and accordingly

Understand the course of life, its events, and its impact from a holistic growth perspective to impart learning

Deliver outcomes and desired results, touch the lives of people who approach, enable them to live better

Build your private practice

Become an entrepreneur in the field of mental health and establish your firm

Need guidance and mentorship

Grow into a successful trainer and coach

Stand out in your work area

 60 Hours Online Trainings (Hybrid) + 2 Months One-to-One Personal Mentorship

Rupees 45,000/- (Rupees Forty Five Thousand only)

Hardcopy of the modules & links of documents, blogs, and videos are provided


60 Hours of Training (Hybrid Model) : 20 sessions (3 Hours each)

Including 2 Months Personal Mentorship

Internship opportunities arranged on request

Please Note: Full day sessions may be panned on Sunday when possible post discussion

3 hours per session

Friday, Saturday & Sunday:

5am – 8am (or) 9am-12pm (or) 1pm – 4pm (or) 5pm to 8pm


Monday, Wednesday & Thursday:

5am – 8am (or) 9am-12pm (or) 1pm – 4pm (or) 5pm to 8pm

P.S: You need to fix a specific time slot and take it throughout the course. Don’t worry, we can accommodate to a different slot when needed (provided it works for my schedule too). This is made flexible to meet your busy schedule.

Personal 1-1 Coaching Session will be provided for your personal excellence

Support and review your work with your clients, and mentor you with the progress

Help you find your niche area and develop professional skills

Teach how to open private practices and the resources required

Unblock personal mindset limitations in relation to your work

Learning the qualities of an effective counselor/therapist / trainer/coach

Help you build your personal brand and brand value

Learn how to build an online space for counseling/therapy/training

Learn how to gain clients and manage client data

How to build a network that brings potential clients for you and others

Professional Ethics, Documentation, and Rules

Any further support that you need will also be provided.

  • Somatic Movement Therapy
  • Psychological Practices of Indigenous People across world
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Roger’s Client Centered Approach
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Technique
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Technique
  • Solution Focused Behavioral Technique
  • Abnormal Psychology & Psychological Challenges
  • Gestalt Psychology
  • Choice Reality Therapy
  • Abraham Maslow’s Need Theory
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Gottman Relationship Counselling
  • Expressive Art & Play Therapy
  • Life & Soft Skill Approach
  • Grief & Suicide Counseling
  • School and Child Counselling
  • Development and Parenting Psychology
  • Training Methodologies
  • Group and Couple Counselling Methodologies
  • The Four-Point Formula for Success
  • NLP Frames
  • STATE Calibration
  • STATE Elicitation
  • STATE Induction
  • NLP Communication Model
  • Understanding the Process of Communication
  • Getting clarity by working with Values
  • Meta Model
  • Perceptual positions
  • Logical Level Questions
  • Sub-Modalities
  • Practicing Sub Modalities & Worksheet
  • Using the swish
  • Changing a limiting belief
  • Creating an empowering belief
  • New Behavior Generator
  • Anchoring
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Integrating Anchors
  • Parts Integration


Founder - Reach Beyond
Training & Development Organisation
Psychologist, NLP Trainer, Leadership and Accelerated Learning Coach


She is a model of excellence for young students, who demonstrates that with willpower and focus, it is easy to go for your dreams. In a short period, she completed various levels of training, and certification programs and was credited as one of the youngest NLP Trainers in India.

Through her workshops which cater to a wide range of people from school going students to great corporate officials, Priyanka facilitates people to handle their life in a powerful, effective manner; especially the young community which has to take a giant leap as tomorrow’s leaders, captains, and moral human beings.

She believes that by equipping people with greater clarity and bigger goals set ahead, they cannot resist but reach beyond. She has also joined hands with many prestigious organizations to come up with seminars, lectures, and workshops.

Counseling & Expressive Art Based Practises: 900+ hours of working with individuals, couples, children, parents, and families. Aided clients in embracing their authentic selves and break free from childhood conditionings, heal from adverse childhood impacts, relationship challenges, dysfunctional family modalities, trauma and abuse, parent-child bonding, marriage, divorce and
separation, work-life balance, stress, anxiety, personal and holistic wellness.

Training, Facilitation and Coaching: Covered 400+ hours of Coaching sessions that focuses on accentuating the significance of a conscious steadfast determined lifestyle. Delivered more than 40plus selective need-based Training and Facilitation Programs for the key stakeholders at corporates. Delivered guest lectures at Schools, Colleges, and Corporates.

Public Speaking: Addressed around 30,000+ students and appeared on TV channels. Delivered several speeches at Schools, Colleges, and Corporates regarding mental health, skill development, holistic wellness, personal development, and peak performance mindset coaching.

Design Learning Experience & Inclusivity Projects: Created exclusive programs for Teachers and Students to promote their student’s learning experience and learning quality. Also, my team and I, designed specifically designed gamified public and private events to promote the concept of
inclusivity. “Magic Hands Project” is our brain child that stands as our testimony.

Certifications and Professional Courses
Counselling Related
Certification in Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences and Early Trauma.
Diploma in School, Corporate and Family Counselling – Chennai Counselling Services
TA 101, TA, accredited by SAATA
Certified Practitioner - Heal your inner child program, Anugraha Institute of Social Sciences

Expressive Art Therapy Practitioner, Anugraha Institute of Social Sciences
Foundation Course for Education of Children with Disabilities from Uttarkand OpenUniversity, Dehradun.
Indian Sign Language – Level 1 from V-Shesh Organization

Certified NLP Trainer, NLP Coaching Academy, and IAPCCT
Advanced Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP Coaching, Business NLP Ltd, UK.,
Certified Accelerated Learning Coach, IAPCCT, NLP Coaching Academy,
NLP Business Master Practitioner, IAPCCT, NLP Coaching Academy
Certified Professional Leadership & Life Coach, IAPCCT, NLP Coaching Academy
Certificate in provocative Coaching, NLP Coaching Academy - Accredited by Sue Knight Books and Talks
Group Peak Performance Coach, IAPCCT, NLP Coaching Academy
Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach, IAPCCT, NLP Coaching Academy
Diploma in Charismatic Presenter, Business NLP Ltd, UK
Diploma in Sales Mastery, Business NLP Ltd, UK

Honors and Awards
Was credited as one of the Youngest NLP Trainers inIndia.
Awarded as the 'Best Achiever' at National Conference and National Peace Awards, held at Delhi and organized by Social Protection Legal aid and Humanity org.
Recognised as the ‘Young Speaker' at International Conference and National Peace Awards, organized by Social Protection Legal aid and Humanity org.

Interviewed as Guest in 'Nam Virunthinar' show on Doordarshan Podhigai Channel
Keynote speaker in the 'Acham Thavir' events organized by Puthiya Thalaimurai.
Keynote speaker in the Kanavu Meipada Vendum ‟events organized by Puthiya Thalaimurai Channel.
Keynote speaker in the panel discussion organized by Dhinamalar on the topic 'Awareness on Child sexual abuses'.
Professional Expert view on the topic “Suicide and its causes” at Kalaingar TV for Kannadi Show.

Yes, it can be paid in two installments (30k + 15k)

Through Bank Transfer, cash or Google Pay