Beyond the Max’ is designed exclusively for Corporate. The unique, one of a kind session provides the much essential skills needed to set a well-constructed business goals and define practical strategies, coach current and new staff to gain satisfaction from their input and suggestions, to counter stress and develop assertiveness, self-belief and confidence when confronted with situations, enhance sales performance and build a good relationship with customers and to control ones emotions and appreciate other person’s feelings, which enables better understanding and cooperation thereby delivering efficiency, productivity and profitability to the company.

The key points that will be covered in this workshop are –

  • Corporate Excellence– making optimum use of life skills and values to achieve goals and aspirations in the corporate field.
  • Work-life balance– achieving the perfect balance and achievements in both life and work through life skills.
  • Inter-personal skills–Master the art of effective communication, social, people and soft skills in order to boost the levels of corporate perfection and gain confidence in life skills as well. Learn the subtle nuances of language and tonal changes in colleagues and client and learn how to transform them into positive and constructive scenarios.
  • Time management– a key element, learn the subtle nuance of investing in time rather than spending time,how to make optimum use of time, to keep up with due dates and schedules and manage time and thus enjoy your work life.
  • Team building– through amazing exercises and tasks, we can unlock the potentials of working as a team and nurture their team building skills and set goals and accomplishments accordingly.
  • Inspire People–lead people to newer heights and aspirations, while learning how to stand apart from the rest and have a unique edge over others.
  • Leadership Skills– master the art of leading a group in the corporate environment, effortlessly guide fellow colleagues, skillfully accomplish the job at hand, understand the mentality and the potential of fellow colleagues ,to receive constructive feedback and build character.
  • Body Language(Exclusive Program)– Maximise your business frontier –  Become an innovative entrepreneur, through your impressive and confident body language. Learn to precisely recognize and adapt to other’s body language which can aid you in many ways. Learning to recognize such body language can really help you understand others better.Relate to other people better- Learning body language will help you connect with people better because it will allow you to expand your communication abilities. If you can pick up on tiny gestures the other person makes you can understand them better which leads to a better connection.Prevents Conflict-  By learning about defensive body language and anger nonverbal you will become more wiser and capable of detecting what your opponent feels. Foresight about matter can help you in better grasping the essence of the emotion that take place before you.