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Whatever may be your persona at this moment twine it with vibration of positive thoughts with NLP training, possess your past memories as reference but not for sufferance and lets hand in hand create  a wonderful days ahead for you.



Upon completion of NLP certification courses, participants will be given an accredited certificate denoting their completion of the course. The certificate is accredited by the IAPCCT. Thus, you are certified to coach and train people based on NLP.

nlp coaching

It accentuates the significance of living and is bound to help fellow participants unlock their hidden potentials, counter their challenges thrown to them by life with self-confidence and emerge as a truly valuable, one-of-a-kind gem. ​


We create internship opportunities to our participants who are certified under us. We believe in the concept of learn, experience, practice, teach, internalize and evolve. Also, we provide access to network with best coaches and NLP trainers to intensify their learning.​

curated nlp programs

personal excellence

This session paves way as stepping stone for a remarkable personality changes, handling situation and being able to identify what causes hindrance that flatten your smile and find cheerful ways to bring back the smile curves in your face.

leadership excellence

Perceptions and pattern of idealistic leaders can be inherited through our NLP leadership courses springing up best leadership and management qualities. Because understanding the underlying root that beholds the relationship of the people we work with is important.Thereafter it will be an easy walkthrough of your goals with contentment

nlp & education

Some children dislike math, some likes it and scores well. Identifying a child's unique learning pattern and catering ideas to create interest in their less-liked matters are roots established by NLP Education Training. Educating and empowering teachers and school management with methodologies to effortlessly teach in ways the kids receive accelerates their learning process efficiently.

independent business

NLP Business Training gives the best analysis of thinking and peformance, eradicating unessential factors that will be learnt by any business only after defeat. This helps you guild a plan, focus and achieve results without laybacks

corporate training and development organisation

An organisation's success are destined in all who have contributed for the company and NLP Corporate training gives a broad scope of preparation at all levels helping out to manage their personality, contribution and structuring their outlook according to their organisation's vision.

nlp & parenting

This workshop excels in amalgamating parent and their children for mutual cooperation. It fosters productive communication within family, thus a healthier conversation takes place leaving the legacy of goodness. Listening to the child about their own description of life and how they aspire to construct it can be evolved through NLP Parenting sessions.

About the trainer

Priyanka - Founder, Reach Beyond

Priyanka B

Founder - Reach Beyond
Training & Development Organisation
Psychologist, NLP Trainer, Leadership and Accelerated Learning Coach

She is a model of excellence for young students, who demonstrates that with willpower and focus, it is easy to go for your dreams.In a short span of time, she completed various levels of trainings, certification programs and was credited as one of the youngest NLP Trainers in India.

Through her workshops which cater to a wide range of people from school going students to great corporate officials, Priyanka facilitates people to handle their life in a powerful, effective manner; especially the young community which has to take a giant leap as tomorrow’s leaders, captains and moral human beings.

She believes that equipping people with greater clarity and bigger goals set ahead, they cannot resist but reach beyond. She has also joined hands with many prestigious organisations to come up with seminars, lectures and workshops.


  • Certified NLP Trainer (NLP Coaching Academy and IAPCCT)
  • NLP Business Master Practitioner (NLP Coaching Academy – IAPCCT)
  • Group Peak Performance Coach (NLP Coaching Academy – Accredited by IAPCCT)
  • Certified Professional Leadership & Life Coach (NLP Coaching Academy – IAPCCT)
  • Certificate in provocative Coaching (NLP Coaching Academy    – Accredited by IAPCCT)
  • Advanced Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP coaching from Business NLP Ltd, UK.
  • Diploma in Charismatic Presenter from Business NLP Ltd, UK.
  • Diploma in Sales Mastery from Business NLP Ltd, UK.,

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Our Workshops enables its participants to embark on the journey of NLP and through it reach their goals and ambitions in the work or personal environment.