“It is time for a story” said my mother and immediately my sister and I raced to get to lay our heads on her lap. And mind I tell you that there is nothing that compares to the comfort of a mother’s lap. So yes coming back to the story, as my sister and I rested our heads on her lap, the story began..

A long time ago…there lived a lady in a forest. “A lady in a forest?”, my sister interrupted and I gave her a look of annoyance. “Yes, a lady in a forest” continued my mother. The people she stayed with were cruel, rude and would often blame each other for their mistakes. But this lady was unlike them and so would often bear the blame and be a victim. An orphan since the age of 12, she grew up insecure and with a low self-esteem. She focused on what was missing in her rather than focusing on what she was already gifted with. The days kept passing and every night she spent blaming herself for who she is. And then, on one particular day she decided to end her life.

As she waited for the night to come, dusk slowly enveloped everything in sight; it appeared as though a child had painted the sky black with crayons. The sight confronted her inner thoughts – “what am I doing? What am I to do in this world? Why should I live?” with such questions she fell asleep.

As the first ray of sun appeared, the lady woke up and strolled along the forest path. As she walked, she began to hum a sad tune which soon turned into a song and she sang and sang, till she heard muffled sounds from behind her. After finding no one behind her, she continued to sing. The muffled sound from before continued but this time, it was more clear- she heard a frail voice saying “beautiful, please keep singing”. The sudden encouragement led the lady to sing more openly. But the curiosity in her took over soon and she turned around suddenly to capture her admirer.  She caught the hands of a skimpy little girl who was covered with bruises and wounds all over. “Who are you? What happened to you?   Who did this to you?”  The lady spurted out to which the child replied “I am you – the ‘you’ within, who has felt nothing but hurts and pain. You are the one who did this, don’t you remember?” The lady was shocked to see that this was her doings; she was mildly confused as to how this can be. The child with a smile on her face said “I am your inner self. Every time you blamed yourself, every time you hated yourself, every time you scold yourself and every time you felt unimportant, you were actually not hurting me and these wounds and bruises were made because of your thoughts. Do not understand? How can anyone like you or be happy with you if you are not happy with yourself? I couldn’t bear the pain and that was why I came to you.

The lady and sometime we too, end up hurting ourselves with words and thoughts that bring us down. And it is these words which burden us down as we try to push higher.

The lady cupped the child’s face in her hands and promised her that she would never hurt herself. In return, the lady asked how she could heal the existing wounds on the child’s body. “Close your eyes and listen to what I say. Make yourself as light as a feather. Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden with flowers bursting open with colour. See yourself effortlessly dancing amongst the flowers. Feel the breeze that makes you feel absolutely fresh, calm, relaxed and composed. See yourself glowing with happiness and there’s lot of positivism that’s radiating from within your heart as each and every cell in your body feels absolutely rejuvenated. Keep feeling the changes that’s happening in you. See how beautiful you feel within .Keep filling your heart with love and make it strong. And once you feel the courage that you can face the world…… open your eyes.

And as the lady slowly opened her eyes, she saw everything around her in a different light – light, colour and joy surrounded her. And she finally understood that what happened before was a dream and what she lives and feels now is reality.

She found everything that just happened as a magical event. She learnt that everybody’s life is magical journey and it continues to be magical if they can understand and internalize the magical happening around them and erase the limiting beliefs that they hold… And now the lady saw the rays of sun had started adding still more glow to the world and the beautiful sky studded with glittering stars. She understood that the night sky isn’t always black but filled with stars which illuminate the darkness. Likewise one mustn’t always dwelling in one’s shortcoming but also in ones achievements and that will lead us to shine as bright as the stars at night. So now it is time for you too, to “ReachBeyond” your inner-self and find that star-like spark in you.

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