A lot of us weigh down on ourselves, a lot of pressure and fear which contributes to our insecurities and maybe vice-versa too. Sometimes, these insecurities would have made us feel that ‘my life sucks’ and ‘why this happens to me’ and such unhealthy words keep chanting within ourselves and only worsens our state of mind. Sadly, either knowingly or unknowingly we have been watering the wrong seed, consistently. Maybe it has grown to such an extent that these thoughts which kindle the insecurities in us, has engulfed our mind and parted us far away from living our gifted life in an empowered way. Many people struggle with such difficulties, not knowing how to break out from it. If you are reading this, maybe you might be struggling too. The best part is that the sooner you become aware of your state, the easier it becomes to cut through this unresourceful zone and emerge stronger and more self-assured. Simple exercises have aided many to conquer their low feelings and this might be helping you as well. If you are willing to help yourself, then this is for you. Keep going 🙂

Read them, Internalise and then Practice.

Firstly, become aware of your feeling, emotions, thoughts, and cues which leads you into this unresourceful state. Close your eyes and ‘See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel’.

Secondly, identify the trigger point and pay attention towards how you reacted to such scenarios.

Thirdly, imagine that you are being in control of yourself and see yourself encountering the trigger in a more resourceful manner, feel how good it feels to be more self-assured and brave to handle such triggers which existed. Appreciate yourself within for doing it.

Fourthly, repeat step 3 for more times. Remember Trigger Point, Feel resourceful, See yourself in control and handling the situation better, Appreciate yourself.  Repeat.

Fifthly, May your curve in your face make everything go right in your life. Yeas!!! SMILE More 😀 Become Aware. Find The Trigger. Create a New Healthy Response. Rehearse Inside Your Head. Smile More 😀 Repeat 😀

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