In every argument, we try to win over the person using our words against them. We struggle not knowing how to discuss an issue. Therefore, it emerges as an argument and the battle begins. What’s important is, whether those arguments leaps into solution or more quarrel causing more damage. Our brain gets so focused into the aspect of winning or losing and we trick ourselves into taking lead in the communication by way of arguing. Thus causing collateral damage.

So what could we do instead is, use these 3 magic words such as “Tell me more”. Any arguments gets initiated when we feel we aren’t understood, not listened to, not being considered important and so on. These simple three words “Tell me more “, when used cools down heated arguments, because you strike the other person’s brain gently saying that “Hey, I would like to listen to you. and I am interested in understanding you”. Virgina Satir used to say that peace shall come only through understanding and not through argument. I suggest you to use the magic words and share what magic it did to you.