Quarantine &
Children's wellness

We get it. These are hard times. And we can barely manage with the day to day activities. But as we adopt to that lifestyle until the pandemic fades, it is also important that we continue grooming and molding our children’s curriculum as well. Which is why Reach Beyond Learning and Development Organisation has joined  hands with Rotaract Club of Texcity and decided to construct a virtual environment for our kids to participate in. Let us take this little walk in the park together!

1st july

virtual to realtime

Interesting programs

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kadhai kuruvigal

A little entertainment box filled with stories, energizers, flexible modules and activities. 

(For All Children)

AAtral amuthu

Our team mates would engage on a one-on-one conversation with our special kids by listening to them and also interact with them via enthralling narrations and activities.” 

(Exclusively For Special Children)


Agam Arithal

Our volunteers will connect with the kids on a regular basis and conduct series of skill development programs, mental wellness sessions, yoga and other engaging activities via an online platform. 

(For Orphanages & Communities)

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Productive - Engaged - Happy - Healthy

These are some of the key features that keeps us going on a day-to-day life of human life. 

We have come up with three different programs that would incorporate those above 

features via various activities. Do let us know how you’d like to be supported and 

we are ready to join you in sharing happiness.