We speak our mind. But after all, has your actions met the right outcome you wished for and has it elicited the response that you expected from the other person? Or did you experience a counter-attack just like any layman would’ve experienced?

It’s absolutely normal to have a behavior which we wish we could change or replace, but because there’s a secondary gain attached with that we unconsciously continue to do the same. Likewise, do you have any such physical symptoms, behavior, habit and some kind of a psychological block that you want to work on, but unable to get over it? If your answer is a yes, then continue reading to understand what’s the actual process happening in your brain and using the below six-step reframing exercise, you can amaze yourself with the results.

  • Identify the problem/challenge which you want to work on. There might be several issues to work on, but kindly choose one for now.
  • Imagine the part which is responsible for this behavior to occur pops on one side. See, feel and hear what it has got. Kick a conversation with this part and ask what’s the positive intention it holds and why is it important to have this behavior, why does this part contribute to this? (Develop a conversation to understand the inner motive of it. Sometimes, one might come up with secondary gains as well)
  • Then ask the creative part to come out and be on another side. Now, ask this creative part if it can come up with more socially acceptable, healthy and positive ways in which it can allow you to still be able to meet your needs/motive. Allow your creative part to do the task.
  • Allow yourself to have an internal conversation and come to an agreement. Tell your part with positive that there are more positive and healthy ways in which one can achieve the motive and thus, we shall admit the newly found ways instead of practicing the old and unhealthy manner.
  • Future pace. Imagine that in future time you are able to apply the options opened by the creative part and see, feel and hear how different and good it gets further. The new behavior which you just tuned into has made you feel healthier and kicks this feel-good factor in you 🙂
  • Make an ecology check and ask yourself if every part in you is happy with the newly agreed alternative behavior or act. If yes, congratulations!! If no is the feel, then we still have ways to explore and get into a better deal. However, the process, the progress, and action is the key in every journey. Therefore, CONGRATULATIONS on having made the move 🙂

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